Top 10 Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain in 2024

The majority of the gamers spend hours playing games on their computers. According to research, an average American spends eight hours and twenty-seven minutes playing games on their consoles. Sitting for long hours while investing so much time playing games can cause severe backache and lead to poor posture. Being a gamer, you know that spending money on high-tech gaming equipment to improve your gaming experience is something you love. It is, nevertheless, critical to get a high-quality gaming chair to get rid of all the back pain.

A gaming chair comes with a ton of ergonomic features to eliminate back pain. Features such as recline back, lumbar pillow, adjustable headrest, rocking feature, etc., warranties for all the hype. But not every gaming chair is integrated with all these features. Before buying one, you need to be sure of what you’re stepping into. Getting an average chair would result in the same old back issues that were there before. 

That’s why we decided to examine the Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain meticulously. Not only are these chairs equipped with the most advanced features, but they’re ideal for getting rid of all the annoying back pain that you suffer from. 

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Back? 

In a world of gaming chairs vs. office chairs, people often confuse one with the other. The truth is, they’re pretty different from one another. Unlike office chairs, gaming chairs have a high-back design covering the person’s entire body sitting inside the chair. It provides optimal support for your head, neck, and chair. Do you know what this feature does best? It prevents the gamers from slouching. 

With a high-back design, gamers are inclined to stay in the same posture but with comfortable lumbar support for a back-up (pun intended). That allows the gamer to focus entirely on their thing without having to worry about their comfort level. 

Another pain reliever is the reclining feature that you’ll love in the best gaming chair for the lower back. It’s honestly one of the best features you can get in a chair. If you’re tired of sitting still, you can comfortably recline to a certain angle. That allows you to lay back to relieve the backache. With features like adjustable armrests, the gamers won’t have to worry about adjusting their arms and console while they experience some excellent graphics. Adjust the armrests according to your need and stay in your position for as long as possible. 

Benefits of Gaming Chair for Back Pain? 

Gaming chairs are beneficial for your spine since they encourage you to sit in a balanced, flowing manner. The following are some of the benefits you can gain by having the best gaming chair in your home: 

Good Posture

Your body isn’t designed to sit on a chair for long periods. The spine will deform if it is not braced. Sitting compresses the lumbar curve since there is little bracing for the lower back. With two essential characteristics, a good gaming chair accomplishes the exact opposite. 

Healthy Spine

Customizable lumbar and neck support cushions are standard on gaming chairs. These help to keep your spine in good shape. Cover your lower back curve with the lumbar cushion. Then take a step back. The upper back straightens reflexively when you apply gentle pressure from the cushion to your lumbar area. Fill your lower back curve with the lumbar cushion. 

Neutral Sitting Positions 

The healthiest seating choice, according to research, is dynamic neutral sitting. Adjustable arms and tilting backrests are typical features of high-quality gaming chairs. A reclining backrest encourages core engagement while also improving circulation. 

Reduced Joint Pain

It’s no rocket science that sitting in awkward positions will eventually lock up the lower back and hips. This tends to stress the joints and cause severe pain. But what the best gaming chair for back support does is it retracts all the pain. It provides a cushion to the lower back and hip that eliminates all the joint pain. 

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Look for While Buying Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain

Before buying your desired chair, look for these features and decide if it’s worth it or not? 

Build Quality

Your gaming chair’s construction strength guarantees that it will endure a long time. Metal frames composed of aluminum alloy or aluminum are commonly used in less expensive chairs. These components are light, but they aren’t as robust or support as much pressure as steel chairs. Particleboard chairs should be avoided since they are more likely to cracking away immediately.


Sitting may be made more enjoyable with a few tweaks. Seat height, breadth, depth, seat angle, swivel, lumbar depth and height, and headrest height are all possible adjustments in a chair. Make sure your forehead is aligned with the computer screen by adjusting the height. Your armrests should match the height of your desk. 

Lumbar Support

A removable lumbar pillow padding is included with gaming chairs. Make sure the pillow can be adjusted in height to address a particular part of your back. Exterior lumbar support pillows aid in the promotion of a neutral spine, better posture, and lower back comfort. 

Chair Ergonomics

The ergonomics of a PlayStation chair vs. a PC gaming chair will differ. Gaming seats for PCs are made to keep players sitting in a standing posture. It may seem strange or unpleasant at first if you’re not used to sitting upright. Gaming chairs have a high back with a fixed headrest, one of the most ergonomic features. Players tend to slump their shoulders and tilt their necks forward because they sit for lengthy periods. 

10 Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialMaximum Weight CapacityWhat’s Unique in it?
RESPAWN 110 Racing Gaming ChairFaux Leather275 poundsComes with a footrest
AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming ChairMetal330 pounds3D adjustable armrests
X Rocker Pro Series H3metal frame covered with stuffed vinyl for easy cleaning and durable wood 275 poundsCompatibility with various gaming consoles
GTRACING Gaming ChairFaux Leather350 pounds165-degree reclining
DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series
Foam, Leather, Metal
200 pounds15 degrees rocking function
E-WIN Gaming Racing ChairPU Leather, Metal, Foam330 lbs.Explosion-proof gas lift
RESPAWN RSP-900 Gaming ChairLeather275 lbs.The seat and footrest are continuous
Giantex Gaming ChairTextile, Linen, Steel300 lbs.Completely foldable
Goplus Massage Gaming ChairFaux Leather264.5 lbs.Massage function
AutoFull Gaming Chair:Leather350 Lbs.2D adjustable arms

1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Gaming Chair

Key Specifications

Style Gaming Chair
Item Weight46.5 Pounds

Key Features

  • It comes with an adjustable footrest to provide support to your feet.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows to provide comfort.
  • Its 4D adjustability allows reclining up to 90-155 degrees.
  • Three hundred sixty degrees swivel mechanism enables swift and dynamic movement while gaming.

If you’re a gamer struggling with back pain, this RESPAWN-110 is the best gaming chair for back pain. So you should go for it. It features an extendable footrest for reinforcement. You can also adjust the footrest to be in your comfort zone. It also has a segmented padded design for proper support.

This ergonomic chair is installed with adjustable headrests and fluffy backrest pillows. These pillows provide proper lumbar support to your back and help your spine fit in without external pressure. Moreover, its armrests are completely padded for better support.

The top feature of this chair is its 4D adjustability. Now your chair can recline up to 90-155 degrees without breaking. Also, it has infinite lock positions so that you can lock your preferred position. All you need is to adjust the perfect setting, and you’re all set for the day.

It also has a 360 swivel mechanism that enables vigorous movement. You can also adjust its seat with the help of a tension bolt. Being a gamer, you wish to go for a chair that gives a decent look. In that case, you shouldn’t worry about buying this product because its padded leather gives a perfect professional look.


  • Adjustable Padded leather seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good Professional look
  • Padded armrest


  • Armrests are not durable

2. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Key Specifications

Brand AKRacing
Style Modern
Item Weight57 Pounds

Key Features

  • Cold-cured foam padding to provide long-lasting comfort.
  • 3D adjustable armrests with proper cushioning to make it comfortable.
  • It comes with a backrest that can be reclined horizontally.
  • Breathable and soft fabric to prevent the customer from getting greasy.

You might be looking for the best gaming chair for back support, so don’t worry. We have got you covered. AKRacing Core Series Gaming Chair provides proper lumbar support that prevents you from back pain. It has a cushioned backrest and headrest to prevent any discomfort and help your spine fit in.

It comes with all the enhanced ergonomic features. Also, it’s cold cured foam padding there to help you providing long-lasting comfort and durability. Moreover, it has a breathable fabric that prevents you from getting sweaty in summers and rooms with hot temperatures.

Its backrest also can recline horizontally and get locked in that position. It also has a decent quality wheel to help the chair move swiftly while gaming, and so you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. It is made up of heavy-duty welded steel that makes it more durable.

3D adjustable armrests are there to provide proper comfort. Now, you can adjust the armrest in 3 directions, i.e., up and down, side rotating, and back and forth. It has an outrageous weight capacity of 330 lbs. Its assembled back height is 32.75 inches, and its back width is 21.25 inches.


  • Air adjustment
  • Rocking Functions
  • High density molded foam
  • Heavy-duty hand-welded steel


  • No tilt angle lock

3. X Rocker Pro Series H3

Key Specifications

Brand XRocker
Style Modern
Item Weight17.34 Pounds

Key Features

  • It has a wireless audio bass system for complete immersion in your game.
  • It is compatible with various game consoles without any cables.
  • It features vibration motors that sync with the audio bass to provide a proper gaming environment.
  • It is also foldable to save the storage of the user.

XRocker Pro Series H3 is the best gaming chair for lower back pain as it stays on the floor and has a comforting seat. It is padded with vinyl which never easily stains, so you don’t have to worry about your floor since the chair is foldable so that it won’t take much space.

This chair is pretty much ideal for console gaming. It has a wireless system to get connected with different consoles and other devices. Furthermore, it can also connect with other XRocker chairs from its various input and output jack. This way, it makes the multi-gaming more enjoyable.

It comes with a next-level audio modulation technology that consists of four speakers and a robust subwoofer system. It means it synchronizes the audio system perfectly with the bass. All in all, this chair is a complete package to provide gamers an excellent gaming environment.

Vibration motors are also installed in the chair that instantly connects with the audio. These motors keep you entertained for hours by providing a complete body outrage. However, if you prefer headphones, you can also use them by connecting them to their various input and output jacks.


  • Made up of Vinyl material
  • Separate volume and bass controls
  • High-density leather padded seat
  • Various input and output jacks


  • No adjustability feature for armrests

4. GTRacing Gaming Chair

Key Specifications

Brand GTRacing
Style Desk Chair
Item Weight44.1 Pounds

Key Features

  • It comes with a retractable footrest for position reinforcement.
  • A tension handle is there to adjust the seat height according to the needs.
  • Pillowed backrest and headrest to provide proper support to your back and neck.
  • It allows reclining up to 165 degrees to help you be in your comfortable position.

GT901 Black is the best gaming chair for back and neck pain in the market. Its backrest and headrest are perfectly pillowed to provide proper lumbar support to your back and neck to fit on without discomfort. Its seat is also a padded seat to give comfort to your hips and thighs.

It features a retractable footrest for the reinforcement of the position. You can also adjust the height by the tension handle underneath the seat. So it doesn’t matter whether you are short or tall. It works for you. It has flip-up armrests so that they can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Its frame is designed with a strong upholding metal which makes it more durable. It can also bear the weight up to 350 pounds which is outrageous for a gaming chair. It has nylon smooth-rolling casters that help you move in the office or while gaming swiftly without applying a greater force.

It has an excellent reclining function up to 165 degrees, so if you’re super tired and want to take a nap, then it’s no longer a problem now. Furthermore, 360 swivels are also there to improvise perfect movement while gaming without leaving your comfort zone.


  • Flip-up armrests
  • Nylon roller casters
  • 360 swivels
  • Removable headrest and backrest pillow


  • Comparatively hard cushioning

5. DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series

Key Specifications

Brand DXRacer
Style Office Desk Chair
Item Weight48.5 pounds
ColorsBlack and White

Key Features

  • It features three different seating modes with a perfectly padded seat.
  • It has 3D adjustable armrests to adjust the armrest in three different positions.
  • It comes with an adjustable seat so you can adjust the height of it.
  • It offers reclining up to 135 degrees to help you be in your comfort zone.

Looking for a good gaming chair at a reasonable price? You don’t have to worry now. This DXRacer chair is the best gaming chair for back pain. It provides a good lumber support tour back to prevent you from back pain. It also has a cushioned headrest to disperse the pressure from your neck.

It has 3D adjustable armrests to meet your arms requirements. Now you can adjust the armrests in three different positions, i.e., up and down, side rotating, and back and forth. This chair is designed for tall people, but since its seat is adjustable, you don’t have to worry if your height is short. It will still work for you.

It has a 15-degree rocking function and offers a 135-degree reclining, so you can do rest if needed some time. Its maximum weight capacity is up to 200 pounds which is pretty standard for a gaming chair. Moreover, a 360-degree swivel base is there to help you move swiftly. Also, it has a class 4 gas lift that increases its durability and safety. It also has a high-density molded foam to provide full-body support.


  • High-density mold shaped foam
  • Class 4 Gas Lift
  • 360-degree swivels
  • Headrest and lumbar cushion


  • Not much comfortable

6. E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

Key Specifications:

Style Office style
Item Weight 52 pounds
ColorsBlack / Grey

Key Features

  • The chair features an adjustable headrest and adjustable lumbar support to relieve back pain.
  • The recline feature offers an 85 to 155-degree tilt back to alter the chair to your preference
  • The chair has a large seat size and a high backrest, allowing it to bear up to 330 pounds.
  • The chair features a class-4 explosion-proof gas lift and is verified by SGS, BIFMA.
  • The chair provides you with a 360-degree swivel design for ease of movement

The E-WIN gaming chair is the best gaming chair for back pain, providing great comfort to improve your gaming experience. It has a large seat size and a high backrest, and it can hold up to 330 pounds. Unlike most chairs made of aluminum, or even polyester, the E-WIN chair has a steel frame that is easy to clean and maintain.

The chair provides all-day gaming comfort with its premium PU leather seating that is breathable and soft to keep your spine upright. It has a thick layer of high foam that adds to the comfort. The chair also features an adjustable headrest pillow and back lumbar support, just like other gaming chairs. To effectively support your lower back, the lumbar cushion is designed to be substantially more comprehensive. The chair also features a class-4 explosion-proof gas lift and is verified by SGS, BIFMA for easy adjustability.

This fully functional gaming chair also serves as a great recliner, allowing an 85 to 155-degree angle recline for you to fully relax and relieve your back from tension. The chair also offers a 360-degrees swivel design, and the strong base ensures that you can adjust the chair according to your liking and do long gaming sessions without worrying about back pain.


  • Soft padded seating
  • Recline feature tilts up to 155 degrees
  • Built-in Lumbar support
  • Sturdy support


  • No carpet casters

7. RESPAWN RSP-900 Gaming Chair

Key Specifications:

Style Recliner Style
Item Weight 48.5 pounds

Key Features:

  • The plush removable headrest pillow and segmented padding allows extreme comfort
  • The recline feature offers a 135-degree tilt back to alter the chair to your preference
  • Armrests feature a built-in cupholder and a removable side pouch for storage
  • The chair features a 360-degree swivel design facility even in recline mode

If you are someone who needs a comfortable gaming chair that can support you during long hours of gaming sessions while still allowing you to take small power breaks, this is the chair for you. The RESPAWN RSP-900 Gaming Chair is considered the best gaming chair for back pain.

This soft leather-covered chair provides the ultimate in seating comfort, which features segmented cushioning and a removable headrest pillow. This fully functional gaming chair also serves as a great recliner, allowing up to a 135-degree angle recline for you to fully relax and minimizing the amount of pressure on your lower back.

The chair provides all-day gaming comfort with segmented cushioning and a headrest pillow that keeps the spine upright. It has a foldable footrest despite being a continuing chair. To eliminate wire tangles, it comprises a continuous surface from seat to footrest with no open spaces. 

Since most gamers like to have snacks around during their gaming sessions, a cup holder is also located on the left arm to ensure that you can keep water or drinks near you to keep you hydrated throughout long work hours. The chair also features a side bag hanging from the left arm and can be used to store game controllers and other types of equipment.

The chair also offers a 360-degrees swivel design, and the strong base ensures that you can adjust the footrest or the backrest to keep yourself comfortable to avoid back pain.


  • In-built footrest
  • Automatic recline feature
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Removable headrest


  • No height adjustments

8. Giantex Gaming Chair

Key Specifications:

Style Foldable style
Item Weight 20 pounds

Key Features

  • The chair features five positions adjustable backrest to choose from according to your demand
  • The built-in springs support of the chair allows for alleviating back pain.
  • The backrest of the chair can be folded entirely for easy storage
  • The 360-degree swivel provides smooth movement in an office environment

The Giantex is the best gaming chair for back support. The thick, fluffy cushion and elevated springs combine to provide a fantastic sitting experience. It has a relatively broad swivel base, which adds to the enjoyment and convenience. 

The chair also features five independent reclining positions that allow more than a standard chair to help you find a pain-free position. There are built-in levers on the side of the chair to lower the seat. A tilt tension lock is located beneath the seat and can lock the chair in 4 comfortable positions.

The chair’s backrest is foldable. You may fold it up to provide extra space for other activities, such as indoor workouts. It saves a lot of space. Their chair has in-built springs integrated into the chair, which shape the entire chair considerably better than foam, making the chair super comfortable to sit on and alleviate any back pain.

The chair features a robust structure and a firm base, making it ideal for reclining and bearing up to 300 lbs. The Giantex 360° Swivel Gaming Chair, the best gaming chair under $150 for casual gaming or relaxing in the living room, rounds off our list. It’s a super-comfy, low-cost chair that provides significantly better back support than a sofa.


  • Comfortable back support
  • Adjustable recline feature
  • Can bear up to 300 lbs
  • 360-degree swivel design


  • No footrest

9. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Key Specifications:

Style Recliner Style
Item Weight 50 pounds

Key Features:

  • The chair features a massage function with four spots to relax your back and waist muscles
  • This chair features an adjustable backrest and footrest to relieve tension from the lower back
  • The automatic recline tension allows up to 90–140-degree angle recline
  • The chair has a continuing design featuring an in-built footrest
  • 360-degree swivel design allows you to maneuver your way around the place

The Goplus is a massage gaming chair ideal for people with back pain who love to do gaming. The swivel chair has a fixed base rather than legs or wheels, allowing users to rock back and forth and rotate 360 degrees. These seats are far more comfortable than computer gaming chairs because they are much lower and have more cushioning. Swivel gaming chairs are more comfortable than PC gaming chairs and more ergonomic than a couch.

This ergonomic chair is the best gaming chair for lower back pain. The design of this chair suits the shape of your back, and it also has a massaging feature with four massage locations, two on the back and two on the lumbar, that may help you relax and loosen up your lower back to avoid pain.

Despite being a continuous chair, it includes a foldable footrest. It has a continuous surface from seat to footrest with no open spots to prevent wiring hassles. The comfortable and high back relieves tension from the lower back and prevents long-term back pains. You can also lean back onto the provided headrest to relieve neck pressure and change body posture. 

The chair features a 360-degree swivel design allowing you to get full access to your workspace without strain. The in-built cup holder allows you to store drinks and snacks while playing. You can now easily customize the chair to your desired posture, making it an excellent chair choice for all activities. 


  • Massaging function
  • Lumbar support
  • Cupholder
  • In-built footrest


  • No detachable armrest

 10. AutoFull Gaming Chair

Key Specifications:

Style Office Style
Item Weight 47 pounds
ColorsBlack and white

Key Features:

  • The Adjustable headrest, lumbar pillow, and footrest can reduce back fatigue
  • The 2D adjustable armrest and adjustable seat height reduces pressure on shoulders and back
  • The tilt tension adjustment lets you lean with ease between 90 to 155 degrees
  • The chair has a 360-degree swivel design along with a cylinder gas lift for sturdiness

Most people prefer a more comfortable chair for gaming or reclining in comfort, while others prefer a firmer chair.  This latter group will be more interested in the AutoFull Gaming Chair. There is no padding on the stiff mesh backrest, which helps you sit upright to reduce any back pain. The 2D leather armrests are also adjustable, releasing your arms and shoulders and enhancing the comfort of its users.

The Autofill is a budget-friendly gaming chair supporting an ergonomic design and a vital structure that helps to keep you comfortable for long periods, especially for people with lower back pain. The chair’s headrest, armrests, lumbar support, and seat cushion are thickly padded for maximum comfort. Its 360-degree swivel function allows you to adjust the chair according to your comfort to reduce pressure on the lower back and hip region.

It offers a rocking function and a tilt adjustment feature so the users can also modify the position of the chair from a 90 to 155-degree angle. Its backrest gives excellent support to your spine and provides complete lumber support to relieve your back pain. Moreover, the seat features a retractable footrest to provide rest for your legs too. That is why it happens to be the Best Gaming Chair for Footrest! 


  • 2D adjustable armrest
  • Tilt tension control
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel design


  • The headrest does not pivot


In this article, we have compiled some of the best gaming chairs for back pain. We have put together a buyer’s guide to highlight all the key features and specifications to aid you in buying the best office chair for you. If you are a passionate gamer who suffers from back pain from sitting in front of your computer for lengthy periods, these gaming chairs should be on your shopping list with their advanced ergonomic features. 

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