Top 10 Best Gaming Chair for Short Person 2023

A gaming chair comprises a set of features designed to fulfil the gamer’s needs. While you spend whopping eight hours and twenty-seven minutes on your game weekly, back pain and neck pain creep in your body. Not only the flimsy gaming chairs are a hurdle in playing the games peacefully but keep you in agony all the time! 

To get rid of all this menace, gaming chairs are your safest bet! With their adjustable ergonomics like armrests, headrests, etc., you’re bound to have fun throughout. Therefore, we have taken up the initiative to review the Best Gaming Chair for Short Person. These chairs comprise high-quality material that will enhance your comfort. 

Here is the list of 10 Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person


Hbada Gaming Chair

  • Faux Leather
  • 320 pounds
  • Retractable footrest
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GTRACING Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Metal
  • 330 pounds
  • 4D adjustable armrests
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AKRacing California Gaming Chair

  • Polyurethane
  • 300 pounds
  • 100% cold-cured foam
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Homall Gaming Chair

  • Leather
  • 300 pounds
  • Class IV pneumatics
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OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair

  • Leather
  • 275 pounds
  • Flip-up armrests
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Furmax Office Desk

  • Leather
  • 280 pounds
  • 360-degree swivel design
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DOXACEF Gaming Chair

  • Faux leather
  • 250 pounds
  • Massage Lumbar Support
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BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair:

  • Leather
  • 400 pounds
  • 3-class gas lift
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E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

  • Metal, PU leather, Memory foam
  • 330 pounds
  • 4-class explosion-proof gas lift
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KaiMeng Gaming Chair

  • Leather
  • 280 pounds
  • Waterfall edge seat
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1. Hbada Gaming Chair

Hbada Gaming Chair Ergonomic
  • A retractable footrest is there for your body to get stretched whenever you want
  • A certified gas-spring cylinder to lift and down the seat height as per the requirement
  • A backrest with recline angle of up to 155 degrees to provide comfort to your back
  • Flip-up armrests that can be adjusted up to 7cm for your arms and elbows comfort

Key Specifications

Brand Hbada
Style Racing Gaming Chair
Item Weight52.91 pounds
ColorsGrey and Blank

Hbada Gaming Chair is among the best gaming fort short person in recent times. Hbada offers a professional look with valuable features. This chair comes with a retractable footrest for your body to get stretched whenever required. It has adjustable lumbar support and a removable headrest for your neck.

A certified gas cylinder is installed in it to lift and down the height of the seat. So no matter what your size is, this chair will work for you. Moreover, it has adjustable armrests that can be raised and down up to 7cm in height. 

This chair has a height range from 15.74 inches to 18.89 inches, a seat width of 14.5 inches, and a seat depth of 21.65 inches. Its backrest height is 31.5 inches. The ideal height to use this chair is 5’2″ to 5’5’’ which is a perfect fit the short heighted persons. 

It has a high-density padded leather seat that provides comfort to your thighs and hips when you sit in the chair. Moreover, its wheels are made up of premium quality nylon that prevents them from making noise. It has a comfortable backrest that can be reclined at an angle of up to 155 degrees. 


  • 360 degrees swivel mechanism
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Removable headrest
  • Rocking function


  • High edges of the seat

2. GTRACING Ergonomic Gaming Chair

GTRacing Gaming Chair
  • 4D adjustable armrests are there to provide comfort to your shoulder and elbows
  • Adjustable lumbar support for your back and pillowed headrest to support the neck
  • Smooth-rolling casters that enable 360-degree swivel to help you move swiftly
  • Its backrest can be reclined up to 160 degrees with a proper rocking function

Key Specifications

Brand GTRacing
Style Traditional Office Chair
Item Weight37 pounds

GTRacing promises valuable features and durable material when it comes to a gaming chair. This GTRacing gaming chair comes with a cushioned backrest that can be adjusted to give excellent support to your back. Also, a pillowed headrest is there to support your neck and to prevent pain.

It features 4D adjustable armrests to make your arms comfortable. You can lift and down the armrests left or right, forward and backward, or you can adjust according to your desired position. Its backrest is comfortable and can be reclined at an angle of 90 to 160 degrees. 

This chair has a seat width of 19.69 inches and a seat depth of 21.65 inches, a backrest width of 21.26 inches, and 32.38 inches. Its seat height range is 17.7 to 22.14 inches. If your height is 5’3″ to 6’1″, then this chair is your best option.

It comes with smooth-rolling casters to prevent squeaking and enables a 360-degree swivel mechanism. So now you can move in the office or while intense gaming sessions swiftly. It has a high-density integrated seat that makes the chair more comfortable and reliable for more extended periods.


  • High-density integrated seat
  • Tilt lock adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable cushions


  • Weak seat joints

3. AKRacing California Gaming Chair

AKRacing California Laguna Gaming Chair
  • 3D adjustable armrests are there to give comfort to your shoulders and elbows.
  • A breathable seat to prevent you from getting greasy and sweaty.
  • A tension liver underneath to adjust the height of the seat for your comfort.
  • Premium quality leather that does not peel or crack for five years.

Key Specifications

Brand AKRacing
Style Gaming Chair
Item Weight60 pounds

AKRacing is dedicated to producing the best budgeting gaming chair. This AKRacing Gaming Chair has some valuable ergonomic features. It comes with an adjustable lumbar cushion to provide support to your spine. Also, a pillowed headrest is there to comfort your neck and to prevent pain. It can lift a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

It has 3D adjustable armrests to support your elbows and shoulders during long working hours and intense gaming sessions. You can lift and down the armrests, left and right, and backward or forward. 

Its seat width is 21 inches, and seat depth is 17.67 inches. Its backrest width is 21 inches, and its depth is 27.7 inches. Its seat height range is 13.75 to 17.25 inches. If you have a height of 4’9″ to 5’6″, this chair is your best option.

A tension liver is provided beneath the seat to lift and down the seat according to the customer’s height requirement. It is made up of breathable Pu leather that prevents you from getting warm in hot conditions. The leather is of premium quality that does not crack or peel for five years. Its seat is perfectly thick padded for maximum comfort.


  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Air adjustment
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • The lumbar cushion is small

4. Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair
  • Tilt locking mechanism with reclining of up to 180 degrees.
  • A class 4 pneumatic cylinder is installed to adjust the height of the seat.
  • A headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are there to give proper support to the neck and back.
  • Its frame is made up of a heavy-duty metal base that makes it sturdier and more durable.

Key Specifications

Brand Homall
Style Traditional Office Chair
Item Weight42.1 pounds

This Homall gaming chair can be reclined to full length for comfort in the back, neck, and shoulders. The chair is installed with a class 4 pneumatic cylinder to adjust the seat height. A tension bolt is provided underneath the seat to use the gas spring cylinder.

 It allows the reclining up to 180 degrees, and thanks to its tilt locking system, you can easily lock the reclined position. If you’re super tired and want to take a nap, you have to close its recline position, and you’re all set for it. Moreover, its armrests are also adjustable to give comfort to your arms and elbows.

This chair has a backrest of 22.5 inches in height and 20.5 inches in depth, a seat height of 14.5 inches, and a seat depth of 20.5 inches. Its height is adjustable from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. This chair is preferable for people under 6’. 

The cushioned backrest and pillowed headrest provide proper lumbar support to the back and neck. This way, it relieves the stress of back during workdays and intense gaming sessions. Furthermore, its seat height is adjustable from 17.3 inches to 21.5 inches. It has a long back of 22.5 inches.

5. OFM ESS Collection Gaming Chair

Essentials OFM ESS
  • It comes with flip-up arms to help you move correctly.
  • A tension handle from inside is featured to adjust the height of the seat.
  • It features a swivel movement to tilt up to 360 degrees without any difficulty.
  • A high back relieves the stress and pressure of the back.

Key Specifications

Brand OFM
Style Gaming Chair (Generation 1.0)
Item Weight16 pounds

If you’re looking for the best gaming chair for short people, then OFM ESS Collection is perfect for investing in. It’s where value meets the quality. The Ergonomic swivel feature helps you to move without any discomfort and enables vigorous movements. The smooth and comfortable leather seat gives an upscale look.

It has flip-up arms with padded foam that enables you to rest your arms properly and move conveniently.  Moreover, the padded seat helps you to fit in perfectly. It can lift a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds which explains that it can easily support you for a more extended period.

This chair is preferable for people under 5’8’’. It has a seat of 17 inches in height and 20.75 inches in depth. The backrest height is 19.77 inches, and the depth is 29.5 inches while the size of the seat is 20 inches. 

It also has a high leather back which provides excellent lumbar support to fit your spine and prevent back pain. A tension handle is there to adjust the seat height according to your needs. It has a tilt locking mechanism to control the chair’s reclining and helps it go in comfortable positions. The adjustable racing quality allows you to tilt up to 360 degrees that enable you to move swiftly.


  • Recline function
  • Segmented Padded leather seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good air adjustment


  • Cushion compresses in a small period

6. Furmax Office Desk

Furmax Office Chair Desk
  • The back support and the seat of the chair are 2-3 inches thick
  • The chair has an adjustable back feature to ease the pain in the back
  • The tilt tension control allows you to tilt and rock with ease
  • The chair has a 360-degree swivel design along with a five-legged base for sturdiness

Key Specifications:

Style Office Style
Item Weight 35.1 pounds

The Furmax Office and Gaming Chair features a shorter backrest with leather skin and padding on the armrests. If you’re on a tight budget and want a strong gaming chair with ergonomic support, the Furmax is considered the best gaming chair for short people. The leather on the Furmax Office and Gaming Chair is of high quality and is hence wear-resistant. The mesh design of the chair makes them lighter, more breathable, durable, and easier to maintain. 

The chair has a 5-legged base that promotes stability and rigidity of the structure and multi-functional wheels that can rotate a complete 360-degree turn to facilitate easy in-chair movement. The padding on the backrest and the seat are 2-3 inches thick and suitable for long sitting hours.  

The gaming chair has a pneumatic seat height adjustment of 15.2-18.3″, Seating area dimension is 19.8″ (W)X19.8″ (D), Backrest size is 19.8″ (W)X26.5″ (H). The chair has a sturdy base and can bear up to a maximum weight capacity of 280lbs. 

The inflatable seat height adjustment feature is within a range of 3 inches up and down and is suitable for customers of a diverse range of heights. The ergonomic design of the Furmax Office and Gaming Chair allows it to be rocked back and forth to allow better adjustment and various comfortable positions for the spine, promoting good back health. This chair’s features make it a viable option to be used both for working and relaxing. 


  • Water-resistant material
  • Tilt tension control
  • Adjustable seat height 
  • 360-degree swivel design


  • The headrest does not pivot

7. DOXACEF Gaming Chair

DOXACEF Large Size Adjustable Gaming Chair
  • The chair features a massaging lumbar pillow with a USB port 
  • The chair has a padded adjustable armrest so you can place your arms comfortably
  • The backrest includes recline tension that can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees
  • The removable headrest and adjustable seat height also accommodate short people
  • The chair features a retractable footrest to provide rest to your feet

Key Specifications:

Style Game Recreation Room
Item Weight 49.9 pounds
ColorsRed Camo

The chair features an ergonomically designed backrest that is approx. 23.6 inches high. The seat width of the chair is15.8 inches in width and 21.3 lengths. The package dimension of the chair is 33.25 x 26.25 x 13.25 inches. And the total weight capacity of the chair is up to 250 pounds.

The DOXACEF Gaming chair is the best gaming chair for short people. It has a cushioned backrest to provide proper lumbar support and pillowed headrest for your neck. Moreover, it has a USB port by which you can enable lumbar massaging for your back. 

This chair features all the ergonomic features from the adjustable headrest, retractable footrest, and massage lumbar cushion to moveable armrests. If the headrest is making you uncomfortable in any way, you can remove it. It also has a removable footrest for your legs.

The chair has a retractable footrest for your body to stretch if you want. Moreover, its backrest can be reclined to an angle of 90-180 degrees. So, if you’re super tired after playing the game, then grab the blanket, and you’re all set for the nap.

It has smooth-rolling casters that enable 360 degrees swivel mechanism. Now you can move swiftly while sitting in the chair without having to leave your comfort zone. The chair features a class-4 gas lift cylinder and can lift a maximum weight capacity of 249.9 pounds. It comes with detachable rabbit ears.


  • Removable Headrest
  • Lumbar massager
  • Retractable footrest
  • 360-degree swivel design


  • Difficult to assemble

8. BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair

BOSSIN Pink Gaming Chair
  • It has a class three gas lifter that SGS verifies to adjust the seat height.
  • Its casters are made up of PU that allows swift and dynamic movement.
  • A retractable and padded footrest is there to provide proper comfort.
  • Its backrest comes with a reclining function of up to 155 degrees to give lumber support.

Key Specifications

Style Racing Style
Item Weight47.44 Pounds
ColorsLight Grey

The gaming pneumatic offers seat-height adjustment of 21 inches, the seating area dimension of the chair is 23.62″ (W)X19.3″ (D), the backrest size is 21.26″ (W)X24.8″ (H). The chair has a solid base and can bear up to a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs.

Are you looking for the Best Gaming Chair for Short People? Don’t worry, and this BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming chair has got you covered. Its backrest is designed to accommodate people of average height, and cushioned headrest provides proper lumbar support and disperses pressure from the spine. Armrests are also padded to help your arms get comfortable.

A class three gas lifter that SGS verifies is installed for seat height adjustment. You can use the tension handle under the seat to lift or down your center according to your requirement. Its center is made up of PU leather which makes it comfortable as well as durable.

It comes with an extendable and retractable footrest to give proper support to your feet. Now, with your legs hanging in the air throughout, you can easily stretch your feet with the help of this footrest. Moreover, this chair has a professional look and a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Its casters are made up of PU rubber that helps you move swiftly while gaming. Also, the 360 swivel mechanism allows dynamic movement while sitting in the chair. Furthermore, its backrest has a reclining function of 155 degrees to provide proper lumbar support.


  • 360 swivel mechanism
  • Thickly padded armrests
  • 1-year friendly warranty
  • Outrageous 400 pounds support


  • Noisy when the backrest is reclined

9. E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

E Win Gaming Racing Chair
  • The chair features an adjustable headrest and adjustable lumbar support to relieve back pain.
  • The recline feature offers an 85 to 155-degree tilt back to alter the chair to your preference
  • The chair has a large seat size and a high backrest, allowing it to bear up to 330 pounds.
  • The chair provides you with a 360-degree swivel design for ease of movement

Key Specifications:

Style Office style
Item Weight 52 pounds
ColorsBlack / Grey

The E-WIN gaming chair is the best gaming chair for short people, providing you with extra comfort to improve your gaming experience. It has an average size seat and an adjustable backrest, and it can hold up to 330 pounds. Unlike most chairs made of aluminium, or even polyester, the E-WIN chair has a steel frame that is easy to clean and maintain.

The chair provides all-day gaming comfort with its premium PU leather seating that is breathable and soft to keep your spine upright. It has a thick layer of high foam that adds to the comfort. The chair also features an adjustable headrest pillow and back lumbar support, just like other gaming chairs. 

This fully functional gaming chair also serves as a great recliner, allowing an 85 to 155-degree angle recline for you to fully relax and relieve your back from tension. The chair also offers a 360-degrees swivel design, and the strong base ensures that you can adjust the chair according to your liking and do long gaming sessions without worrying about back pain.

The gaming chair has a seating area dimension of 21.3″ (W)X22.8″ (D), and the overall dimensions of the chair are 21.7(L) x 50.78(W) x 23.2(H) inches. The chair has a solid base and can bear up to a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs.


  • Soft padded seating
  • Recline feature tilts up to 155 degrees
  • Built-in Lumbar support
  • Sturdy support


  • No carpet casters

10. KaiMeng Gaming Chair

KaiMeng Office High Back
  • The chair features a waterfall edge seat to provide you with comfortable sitting throughout your session
  • The high back and padded armrest allow you to adjust your seat accordingly
  • The chair features two neck holes for proper airflow to keep you cool
  • The chair has a thick padded center cushion to allow comfortable seating 

Key Specifications:

Style Office Style
Item Weight 28.7 pounds

KaiMeng is designed for short or petite gamers on an economical budget. So, are you looking for a chair that includes all ergonomic features meanwhile still providing you with the option of adjusting the chair to your preference? You’ve come to the right place!

The chair has various comfort-oriented features that make it the greatest compact gaming chair. It comes with two pillows: a tiny neck cushion and a larger lower back pillow. It also has expanded sides to support the shoulders and curved chair edges to keep your legs comfortable. 

The gaming chair has a seat height adjustment: 13.5-16.5″, a seating area dimension of 19.5″ (W)X20.1″ (D), and the backrest height of the chair is 26.93. The chair has a solid base that can bear up to a maximum weight capacity of 280lbs.

The chair has two holes in the backrest near the neck area that provide proper ventilation to your neck and head in place of a neck cushion to keep you calm and relaxed while playing games. The padded headrest provides adequate shoulder, neck, and head support. The cushion on the seat is also very comfortable.


  • Breathable backrest
  • Padded armrest
  • Removable headrest
  • Lumbar support


  • No carpet casters

What is the Ideal Chair Size Per Your Height?

Most gaming seats are comfortable, but what they imply is ergonomic for persons with typical body proportions. The standard gaming chair would be too large to be suitable for somebody with a small body or lower height (men below 5’8″ and ladies below 5’3″).

1. Chair Height 

The Following table is your perfect guide while selecting the right-sized chair for you:

Your Height (cm)Ideal Chair Height (cm)Your Height (ft.)Perfect Chair Height (inches)
149 cm40.2 cm4 ft. 9 inches15.9 inches
151.5 cm40.9 cm5 ft.16.2 inches
154 cm41.5 cm5 ft. 1 inch16.4 inches
156.5 cm42.2 cm5 ft. 2 inches16.7 inches
159 cm42.9 cm5 ft. 3 inches17 inches
161.5 cm43.6 cm5 ft. 4 inches17.2 inches
164 cm44.2 cm5 ft. 5 inches17.5 inches
166.5 cm44.9 cm5 ft. 6 inches17.8 inches
169 cm45.6 cm5 ft. 7 inches18 inches

Seat Depth 

A low seat depth is particularly crucial for short individuals. The breadth of the chair back isn’t essential as long as it’s big enough to accommodate your physique, and that is not an issue for shorter or tiny individuals.

Benefits of Good Posture for Young People

Bone growth is disrupted in kids who grow up with destructive postural patterns. Most people ignore the problem since slouching-related health problems generally appear in late adolescence or early adulthood. The below are amongst the most significant advantages that may be obtained by keeping excellent posture:

Physical Benefits Leading to More Energy

Gamers with poor balance develop improper spinal growth. This causes the entire body to be out of alignment, overloading muscle and breaking of joints. By reducing spinal and neuromuscular tension, neutral seating patterns counteract these consequences.

The body uses less energy to keep itself erect when the muscle is balanced. This gives you increased mental, metabolic, and healing capacity.

Muscle Benefits leading to Sharper Brain

Many studies have indicated that stance has an impact on classroom productivity. Individuals who slouch or sit in a curved pattern, seems distracted and indifferent demeanour through their facial expressions. Those who sit upright, on the other hand, are more involved, attentive, and concentrated. Thus, seating on a comfortable chair with back cushioning and support will help a gamer sit upright and prevent the backache. Moreover, it’ll increase the blood flow to your brain muscles. 

Buying Guide – Things to Look for When Buying the Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

When looking for the most comfortable gaming seats for short people, go over the following buyer’s guide will help you limit down your options.

Chair Size

Isn’t this self-evident? Indeed, you’re aware that you should check the size and match it to your size and frames to ensure compatibility. But here’s the thing: determining chair dimensions isn’t as straightforward as it may appear. You must consider the dimensions of numerous components.

Adjustable Ergonomics of the Chair

When you’ve determined that a chair is suitable for your physical appearance, it’s imperative to consider the rest of the seat’s characteristics. Ensure the cushioning, shape, supplementary pillows, and assistance you require are not harmed by the size. 

Think about the tilt, armrest, chair elevation, and any cushion attachments’ flexibility. Some chairs don’t have the same adaptability as others and could have restrictions due to their smaller size.


The pricing, as usual, should be the last thing to consider on your mind. Prepare a budget and determine how many more you’re willing to invest for specific characteristics. Please remember that a gaming chair is an asset, so it could be worthwhile to pay a little extra for a better chair.

Frequently Aked Questions (FAQs)

Will Your Performance Improve by A Gaming Chair?

It most certainly would! However, it isn’t the be-all and end-all because your natural abilities and the specifications of your gaming console may have a far more significant influence.

However, a well-designed chair may improve your game by significantly decreasing pain. Apart from improving your gaming experience, the idea that you’ll be lesser prone to suffer persistent back discomfort will be enough to convince you to change. 

Do Gaming Chairs Improve Posture?

One reason gaming chair appear to be costlier than average chairs is because of their advanced comfort features. Although specific seats, such as a beanball chair, are bad for your back alignment, all of the seats on this list will help you feel better. Thanks to their lumbar support, adjusted headrest, and reclining back, gaming chairs ensure a posture that would reduce the pain in your back.

Why Are Gaming Chairs Expensive?

The quality of the products is the main reason there are fewer budget-friendly gaming seats. A high-end gaming chair must be both ventilated and long-lasting.

This should be enticing, but not at the expense of functionality. Because of these factors, businesses must spend a significant amount of money on design to avoid cutting shortcuts. Despite these obstacles, several companies excel at manufacturing inexpensive high-end gaming seats.


In this article, we have compiled some of the best gaming chairs for short people. We have put together a buyer’s guide to highlight all the key features and specifications to aid you in buying the best gaming chair keeping in mind your height and size. If you are a passionate gamer who has to sit in front of your computer for lengthy periods, these gaming chairs should be on your shopping list with their advanced ergonomic features. 

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