Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Which is Right for You?

Comfort is the key, and you perform your best when you feel relaxed. With rapid digitalization, most people have jobs that require them to work on their laptops all day. If you are a working person, you must spend at least five to six hours on your chair working like a maniac. Hence, it is imperative to invest in an adjustable chair that helps you to maintain your posture. There are two main chairs in the market: gaming chairs and office chairs. Gaming chair vs office chair is the hot topic of the town, and both have an equal number of supporters. 

During your rigorous search for a comfortable chair, a question that pops up the most is which chair is better, gaming or office one. Typically, most people who want it for working purposes think that an office chair will suit them better. However, this is not the case most of the time. You can find a gaming chair comfortable for office use, and a gamer can find an office chair ideal for gaming. It is wise to consider both chairs and analyze their features before investing in one. If you want to know which chair has better features and which one ticks all the boxes for you, keep reading. 

What is a gaming chair? 

Gaming chairs are often known for their beastly style and their fantastic look. There is a common misconception around gaming chairs that they are not very comfortable. However, with modernization and rapid advancement, the comfort factor is also the focal point in developing gaming chairs. The gaming chairs are categorized into three different types: floor, PC & racing, and rocker gaming chair. Each type is different in terms of structure but has all the standard attributes a gaming chair is commonly known for. 

The first thing that helps you determine a gaming chair is its incredible design and sturdy structure. Most of them have a fixed backrest as it helps you in concentrating on the game. Some gaming chairs may have a flexible back, but it is an exception. They have a 3D armrest, a detachable lumbar back, and a winged backrest for spine support. You can also recline the backrest all the way and lay flat when not playing. They sit higher than office chairs and come in various flashy colors. Most manufacturers use faux leather to make gaming chairs which also makes them look sleek. 

What is an office chair? 

If you are a working person, you must have sat on an office chair. Some features in an office chair make it different from a gaming chair, such as its plain design. Office chairs are more focused on providing comfort than a classy look. However, office chairs are more adjustable and accommodate different body types well. They have a slightly curved backrest that fits seamlessly against a user’s spine to deliver more comfort. They also have a 360-degree swivel and a lumbar back for full neck and spine support. 

The wheel caster below the office chair is much more functional and helps in enhancing mobility. The backrest is mostly wingless but provides enough support throughout the day. The seat is flat but cushioned with a soft material to allow prolonged use without feeling pain in the lower back. Due to high-level adjustability with the chair, you can also use side knobs to adjust the height. The office chair does not have a high degree of reclination, and you cannot push it all the way down to rest. The armrests are higher, and it has an adjustable lumbar back. Overall, an office chair is ideal to maintain a straight posture that keeps you attentive while working.  

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5 Key features of a gaming chair you must know! 

If you are looking for a perfect chair for yourself, then it is crucial to know the attributes of different kinds of chairs. You can tell a lot about a gaming chair when looking at it. However, they have a few features that you find beneficial. Gaming chairs do not have muted colors that you will find in most office chairs. However, you should not be blinded by how fancy a gaming chair looks. Here are a few features that are the most prominent in a gaming chair: 

1. Slightly alleviated front lip 

A gaming chair has a slightly raised seat on the front which may not seem useful to many people, but it has a few benefits. The raised front causes your thighs to be raised a little and ease out the leg movement. You do not feel much pressure on your thighs which is the main agenda. The inspiration for a raised seat is taken from a car seat. However, this style can go wrong if you do not constantly move your chair or have heavy thighs. You may feel your legs going numb after a while. 

2. Bucket style seat 

One of the things you will find most prominent in a gaming chair is the bucket-style seat. The seat is a little raised or enclosed from the side to provide users with enough support when sitting. It helps in keeping the hips aligned and reducing back pain when sitting in a static position. However, the bucket seat can also be a failure if you play a game with a control. When you shift side to side, it can restrict your movement and make you feel numb. 

3. Detachable headrest and lumbar back pillow 

Comfort is the key when it comes to selecting any kind of chair. People are in front of the screen 24/7 if they are professional gamers. Its detachable headrest and lumbar back pillow add a factor of versatility to the gaming chair. The detachable lumbar pillow is a great feature that adds to a gaming chair’s ergonomic design. The soft cushioning at the back helps in reducing back pain and enhancing concentration. It helps in the neck and hip postural alignment, which is ideal. The detachable headrest can also be a contributing factor to alleviate comfort level. 

4. Winked backrest 

Most gaming chairs have a winged backrest, and it is the most prominent feature to note in the. The sides of the backrest are slightly curved to hold you back in place. The backrest is also slightly curved, which allows your spine to mold perfectly. Our spine’s natural shape is also slightly curved, and the gaming chair backrest is ideal for support. However, the backrest is a little too restrictive for aggressive players and can limit their movements. It has a significant advantage from an ergonomic standpoint, but it is not beneficial for larger people. 

5. High-level reclination 

Gaming chairs are known for their adjustable backs but fixed headrests. While reclination is great to rest and put less pressure on your back, it can take away your concentration. The 135-degree reclination is ideal for putting significantly less stress on your back and delivering high-level comfort. You can also recline the back up to 360-degrees and rest when not playing. It is one of the factors in ergonomic design that pushes most people to buy it. The high recliner back avoids back pain and supports straining activities like a champ. If you want versatile use out of a chair, you are going to love this feature. 

5 Key features of office chair you must know! 

Most people have to suffer from immense back pain, neck pain, and discomfort when they do not select the right chair for themselves. Some office chairs can be way too uncomfortable, and you cannot spend your time sitting on them. However, with evolving times, office chairs are also becoming more ergonomic and extremely comfortable. We have shortlisted a few features that most office chairs have these days. If you are going to buy an office chair, these are the features to look out for: 

1. Backrest 

An office chair does not have a highly flexible or adjustable backrest for various reasons. Some people say that office chairs stimulate concentration by keeping your back straight. Although you can adjust your backrest height, it is separate from the seat region. It is 19 to 21-inches long with a curved design to put slight pressure on the lower back. The little bit of tilt function allows you to rest your back and avoid back pain comfortably. It also has a locking feature through which you can lock the backrest in a position you like. 

2. Waterfall seat 

Most chairs have a waterfall seat design which seems a little droopy on the sides. The seat pan is flat, but it is padded with a soft material to increase comfort significantly. One of the best things about this feature is that it helps in reducing pressure from an individual’s thighs and makes you feel light. The waterfall seat is a part of its ergonomic features. You can adjust the seat to extend a little forward or backward. You can also adjust the seat height according to the desk. It helps in keeping pressure off a user’s back and thighs; it is a win-win situation. 

3. Fixed lumbar pillow 

One of the things that we think is a game-changer in an office chair is its backrest adjustability and lumbar pillow. Lumbar pillow has various advantages, and we believe it is the ideal solution to avoid back pain. A lumbar pillow also is perfect for providing adequate pressure on the back to reduce stress and tension. The office chair has a lumbar pillow, but they are mostly fixed. Hence, they might not press on the right point for every user. They are not very versatile due to fixed lumbar pillow. 

4. Material 

When it comes to material, office chairs are much more versatile, and various fabrics are used to make them. Faux leather or original leather is one of the most common materials used to make chairs. However, they do not feel much comfortable against the skin. When you are sitting on a chair all day long, you will feel hot and uncomfortable. However, office chairs are now made using mesh materials, allowing a seamless flow of air and breathability. The chair dissipates heat and keeps you cool throughout the day. 

5. Fixed headrest 

One of the most common attributes of an office chair is that it has a fixed headrest. You can either detach the headrest entirely or keep it on without any proper adjustments. It is better to have an adjustable headrest as it contributes to enhancing comfort and providing neck support. However, we do understand the reason for a fixed headrest because it keeps your back straight. Office chairs are mainly designed to enhance concentration and boost productivity. Slouching on an office chair can cause you to become lazy and reduce your productivity levels. However, you need a break from work sometimes and relax, which the office chair does not allow. 

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Office chair vs. Gaming chair- A detailed Comparison: 

Whether you are a gamer or work full time, you need one thing the most: comfort. Most users can compromise on style and even on the looks, but not how comfortable the chair makes them feel. Many features in a chair make it comfortable. The chair actually makes a huge difference in your posture, productivity, and performance. If you are using a dining chair for gaming or working, then you must break the habit. When you buy a chair, the first question that pops up is whether you are looking for a gaming chair or an office chair. The competition between the two has been around for a while. If you are looking to find which one is better amongst the two, we suggest you read this section carefully. 

1. Ergonomics 

When it comes to ergonomics, we think a gaming chair goes above and beyond to provide magical features. One thing that makes a gaming chair a top user choice is the backrest adjustability and a great tilt-shift function. You can find a variety of features that combine to enhance its comfort level. It has an adjustable armrest, a padded headrest, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable height, and a curved back. However, the raised front lip does not do any good to a user regarding comfort and support. 

When it comes to an office chair, it does have a few functions that make it ergonomic. The backrest is adjustable, but it does not have many options, such as reclination or swivel function. However, you can find one comfortable position and lock them back in place. An office chair has a 2D adjustable armrest which is ideal, but the headrest is not detachable. The waterfall seat takes the pressure off a user’s back and spine. 

Ergonomics Winner According to us, we think a gaming chair has an ergonomic design and way more backrest adjustable options than an office chair. However, the office chair seat style helps keep pressure off a user’s spine, but a gaming chair adjustable lumbar back makes up for it. 

2. Seat style 

If we talk about the gaming chair seat style, most people know it has a slightly raised lip and a bucket style. While it is great to hold a person in place, it may restrict their movements and make them a little uncomfortable. Car seats inspire the seat style to enhance foot movement. However, it is not much needed in a gaming chair. It does not do anything to keep pressure off your legs and thighs, which can cause body pain. The bucket seat is also not an ideal one for heavier people. It aligns hips, but it can also dig into the sides of heavier people. 

The office chair has a standard or rather a flat seat that may seem intimidating to some people. However, they have a slight foam padding that keeps you comfortable throughout without putting stress on your lower back. One of the things that most people do not know about an office chair is that it has a waterfall seat. The waterfall seat helps in distributing the bodyweight perfectly and keeps back pain at bay. You do not feel any stress or pressure on your lower back and thigh. It is an ideal seat style for longer working hours. 

Seat Style Winner After analyzing the key factors, we say that the office chair is a winner when it comes to seat style. It is ideal for all kinds of people regardless of their body type. If you have heavier thighs and swelling issues, office chair seat style will keep it at bay. 

3. Lumbar design 

Gaming chairs are known for their phenomenal lumbar support and how they reduce back pain significantly. One of the best things about a gaming chair’s lumbar support is that it is adjustable. Sometimes, it can come with fixed lumbar support, but most of the time, it is flexible. You can move it around and position it to put more pressure on your mid or lower back. It is the best way to deliver high-level comfort to a user. 

An office chair also has a lumbar back or pillow with a curve at the lower portion of the back and puts adequate pressure at all the right places. Most of the time, the lumbar back is fixed on a unified position. Some people may not find the lumbar pillow positioning comfortable, but they cannot move because it is fixed. Some office chairs now come with an adjustable lumbar back, but it is still relatively rare. However, the fixed lumbar back promotes a good posture that most people like in an office chair. 

Lumbar Design Winner After deeply examining all the lumbar back features in both the chairs, we can say the gaming chair has an advantage due to its adjustability. Office chairs also enhance posture, but lack of adjustability can make it a strict no for some people. 

4. Design and upholstery 

If we analyze the design and material of a gaming chair, we think it is more attractive for younger audiences. It is mostly made with faux leather in cool design and shapes. The material is not breathable, but it does not wrinkle, and you can clean it very easily with a washcloth. We think gaming chairs are easy to maintain and look stunning in a studio. 

Over the years, a lot of versatility can be seen in office chairs in terms of design and material. Leather, faux leather and mesh are the three main materials that are used to manufacture office chairs. Leather office chairs look luxurious and are also super comfortable. They alleviate the look of any office and also look inviting. On the other hand, mesh office chairs are becoming the prime choice of many users as it is breathable and keeps you cool throughout the day. 

Design and Upholstery Winner We do not think that there is any winner when it comes to design because it depends on a user’s taste. If you want a breathable and classy design, an office chair will appeal to you the most. However, if you are young and crave a beastly style that looks cool as well, gaming chairs will be your jam. 

5. Accessories 

Gaming chairs are much cooler when it comes to accessories and extra tools. Recently, gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers are surfacing and many people find them cool. You can connect these speakers to your phone or Pc for enhanced gaming sounds and listening to music. Gaming chairs also have an LED light function, making your gaming room look lit and creating a lively environment. 

Office chairs do not have much variation when it comes to accessories. They are specifically made for professional use and deliver comfort. The only variation you can see in an office chair is in its design, shape or color. 

Accessories Winner When it comes to design, there is no doubt that gaming chairs are a winner. They have much more to offer to a user than an office chair. You can buy gaming chairs with accessories to amplify your gaming experience. 

6. Price 

Price plays a pivotal role in making or breaking a gaming chair for you. However, if you are going to buy a gaming chair, you must expect it to be pricier than an office chair. It has many more features and accessories within it which makes it more expensive. A gaming chair can cost anywhere between $200 to $500. You can find a gaming chair lower than the given estimate or higher depending upon the brand and accessories. 

An office chair costs much less than a gaming chair as it does not have innovative features. It costs between $50 to $200 which is why many people are inclined to buy it. Nowadays, some office chairs can cost more than the estimated amount because of their material. An original leather office chair can cost up to $1000 or more. However, mesh office chairs cost much less, and they have a breathable material too. 

Best Budget- Winner If we see the price point, then the office chair costs less and is much more affordable. However, it does not have much to offer to a user. If you are on a budget, then you can undoubtedly go for an office chair. People who have a higher budget and want to splurge think a gaming chair is worth it. 

Comparison Chart:

Features and ElementsWinner 
Office Chair Gaming Chair 
Ergonomics NoYes
Seat Style YesNo
Lumbar design YesYes
Design and upholstery YesYes
Accessories YesYes
Price YesNo

Office chair vs. Gaming chair- Which one to choose?  

gaming chair vs office chair has always been a hot topic and most people are confused to this day about which one is better. After analyzing both chairs in detail, we think a gaming chair is better than an office chair in comfort and design. It has excellent adjustability features, a lumbar back, 3D adjustable armrests, adjustable height, and a curved back. It also has a beastly style which most people like as it helps match their taste. 

An office chair is also not too bad if we say so ourselves, but its adjustability features are not that great. The more adjustable the chair, the more comfortable it is. However, you cannot expect adjustability from an office chair. If we analyse the seat style, we think the office chair undoubtedly provides more support and releases back pain. The modern mesh material office chairs also let the airflow seamlessly, keeping you cool throughout.  

If we compare the two, we think the gaming chair is a winner because it has many more features and options. However, the ultimate choice depends upon a user and their priority. If you would be using a chair more, it is best to invest in a good thing. 

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